TravelSnug is a soft, fleecy carry-on cushion that will cocoon your child helping them stay comfortable and fidget free on their flight. Light weight and easy for your child to carry using the handy carry strap, the TravelSnug is a must have for all your little passengers.

TravelSnug is the brain child of two sisters, when one flew frequently between the States and the UK with two small children only 15 months apart. On many occasions, she struggled to get the children comfortable and cosy on their flight. After finding that there was nothing available to make an adult sized seat child-size, the TravelSnug was born as the answer to many of the challenges faced when travelling with small children.

TravelSnug is a simple solution! It's a specifically shaped, carry-on cushion designed to aid comfort and give padding against turbulence. The TravelSnug is designed to interface with the aircraft lap belt, and does not interfere with the buckle release - this means your child's lap belt will remain visible throughout the flight, as required by most airlines. 


Many Airlines and travel companies will allow children to take on cushions, neck supports and even a pillow as carry-on items in addition to your cabin luggage. We have never had a TravelSnug count as a child's hand luggage.

Successfully and happily used by lots of little passengers all over the world on thousands of flights, the TravelSnug offers a portable, flexible solution to cocoon your child and make an adult sized seat child-size.


Now, here we are - we have a fabulous UK manufacturer, thousands of air miles under our TravelSnugs and lots of happy parents and little passengers regularly flying TravelSnug. 



Catt McLeod

Having lived in the USA for six years, with family back in the UK, I often flew back and forth with my two children, from when they were both under the age of three. I was always worried that they would disturb other passengers as they struggled to get comfortable enough to sleep. Once asleep, I could never keep them upright in their seats, and with arms, legs and heads dangling in the aisle, I was worried that they would get knocked. Furthermore, if we ever encountered turbulence, it was difficult to keep them secure within seats that were far too big for them. After one particularly stressful flight, and having not found any solution for my return flight, my sister Fiona flew back with me to help with the children. She returned to the UK ten hours later for work the next day. And so, after many discussions and futile online searches, Fiona designed and created the first TravelSnug prototype. Needless to say, it was a resounding success both for the children and myself, and after many enquiries from friends and fellow passengers, we found a UK manufacturer to be able to share our TravelSnug story with you.


Fiona Jackson

After hearing about and then witnessing the struggles of a single parent flying with two children across the Atlantic, the first seeds of the TravelSnug concept were sown. Over a period of a few months, the TravelSnug went from sketches on paper, to fabric, to reality.

We wanted the TravelSnug to ensure the comfort of a little passenger, whilst considering their postural needs (can't escape my professional background!). We wanted the TravelSnug to keep the child in an upright position, elevate the child on the seat so they could reach the tray more easily, provide head and neck support for when they fell asleep and keep their spines aligned. We felt that additional padding at the sides was important to give some protection against turbulence and we wanted it to be simple.


Then followed Patent Attorneys, three prototypes, a couple of aeroplane seats from eBay, trial flights to and from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and trips on Eurostar and coach journeys, all with great feedback.