The travel snug is amazing! We purchased it as our little one has a habit of falling asleep on every flight and this year was the first time he had his own seat and we were worried about his comfort with the arm rests. I think the travel snug is worth the money regardless of the length of the flight as we were on a 2 and a half hour flight but I couldn't imagine flying without it! It's a traveling must if you have small children. More designs and fabrics would be a bonus though

Lanah Foley

Great product. The was an absolute life saver on a 13hr flight and I loved the fact that the seatbelt fits through it, so no need to wake/disturb if the light comes on. Our nearly 4yr old is on the smaller side of average for her age and we got the bigger size, perfect fit and will do so for a few years to come I think.

Jessica Kettle

Just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing product! My daughter has never been so comfortable on
our recent flight!

Sarah Wight