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  • Will a TravelSnug count as my child's hand luggage?
    We designed the TravelSnug to fold and clip to be carried on as a cushion rather than put it in a bag and to date, after well over a thousand flights worldwide, we have not had a TravelSnug counted as hand luggage.
  • Can you use the TravelSnug during take-off and landing?
    When using a TravelSnug, the aircraft seat belt can be used as intended, it is visible at all times and the TravelSnug does not interfere with the buckle release system. This means they are usually allowed during take off and landing. However, some airlines may ask for them to be used during the flight only.
  • Would a TravelSnug be suitable for my tall 7 year old?
    We have had children using their TravelSnugs past 6 years because they are used to being TravelSnug cosy on their flight. The oldest child who wanted one was 11 and she said it was very comfortable.
  • I am flying with a 17 month old in April but she does not have her own seat. Can I use the TravelSnug on my lap?
    Yes you can use a TravelSnug on your lap! If there should happen to be a spare seat next to you, you are ready to use it! The TravelSnug is also useful in departure lounges if your flight is delayed!
  • Can I buy the harness from you?
    There is one harness approved for airline use called CARES. We have designed the TravelSnug to be compatible with this type of harness. You would need to purchase the harness seperately from an approved supplier.

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