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TravelSnug is a specifically shaped carry-on cushion designed to aid comfort and give padding against turbulence.

TravelSnugs are designed in a variety of attractive, soft fleecy fabrics and come with matching blanket. When you land, simply fold & clip your TravelSnug, carry it by its handy strap and pop it over a suitcase or pushchair handle.

TravelSnug is designed to interface with the aircraft seat.The unique side loops secure the TravelSnug to the aircraft seat using the aircraft lap belt.

This does not interfere with the buckle release and means your child's lap belt will remain visible throughout the flight (as required by most airlines).

We are proud to manufacture the TravelSnug in the UK. We try to minimise the carbon footprint of our business by sourcing materials locally.

Each TravelSnug is lovingly hand-made and passes rigorous quality control before finding its way to your doorstep.

Furthermore, we fill each TravelSnug with
Hollow Fibre Filling, made from recycled plastic.

The loops are positioned to ensure that the TravelSnug can be adjusted to curve around your child, creating a snuggly 'nest'. This helps to support their head & neck, and creates a comfortable sleeping position should they drift off.
The wrap around design keeps arms, hands and heads tucked in, protecting them from trolleys and passing passengers. The seat section raises them to a better height for the lap tray and aircraft TV screen.

TravelSnugs come in two different sizes: SIZE ONE: ~12 months to 3 years
SIZE TWO:  3 years to 6 / 7 years

You also have the option to buy each size WITH or WITHOUT harness slots. TravelSnugs are compatible with CARES harness and several others, but if in doubt, please contact us to discuss the type of harness you will be using.


Officially approved for use on all British Airways flights, the TravelSnug is NOT counted as additional hand luggage because most airlines allow children to bring cushions, neck supports and even pillows as carry-on items.

We have never had a TravelSnug count as a child's hand luggage.

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