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In loving memory of my sister Catriona - one of the creators of TravelSnug -  who passed away after a long, incredibly plucky fight with cancer on the 7th January 2023.


TravelSnug is the brain child of two sisters, Fiona Jackson & Catriona (Catt) McLeod. In 2013, Catt moved to the US for five years where she had two beautiful children.


When Catt came back to the UK to visit family, she would often fly alone with her two children, only 15 months apart. On many occasions, she struggled to get them comfortable & cosy on their flight. After one particularly challenging flight, Fiona actually flew to the US with Catt to help with the children, returning to the UK ten hours later in time for work the next day.

Fiona & Catt began to search for a seat that would make an aircraft seat child-sized and discovered that no product existed.


The first seeds of TravelSnug were sown, and over the period of a few months, it went from sketches on paper, to hand-made prototypes, to reality. As well as comfort, Fiona wanted to consider the child's postural needs (thanks to her background in moving & handling)!
Fi & Catt wanted the TravelSnug to:
  -   keep the child in an upright position,
  -   elevate the child so they could reach the tray more easily,
  -   provide head & neck support for when they fell asleep,

  -   keep their spines aligned,
  -   have padding to protect against turbulence.


Then came the important bits... Patent Attorneys, three prototypes, a UK manufacturer, and multiple trial flights to and from the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. The early TravelSnugs also accompanied their children on the Eurostar and coach journeys -- all with great reviews from the parents, children, fellow passengers AND airline staff!


We then took a huge leap of faith and launched the TravelSnug! Photos were taken, fleece patterns were chosen, stock was ordered and we booked stalls at trade shows, travel shows, and baby shows & started spreading the word!

2015 to NOW

Now, here we are 9 years later. TravelSnugs have been used on thousands of flights all over the world and we have hundreds of thousands of air miles under our belts. We have lots of happy parents, but most importantly, we have lots of happy little passengers!




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